The Lake House FAQ

Frequently asked questions about The Lake House
Q. Can I Have Exclusive Use Of The Lake House For My Party?
A. Yes, based on a guaranteed minimum number of guests The Lake House will host only one event at a time.
Q. Can The Lake House Host More Than One Function At A Time?
A. The Lake House has two private rooms, The Parlor Room and The Grand Ballroom. Based on the season and size of each event The Lake House can host two parties but never beginning or concluding simultaneously.
Q. What Are The Maximum Capacities Of The Dining Rooms?
A. The Grand Ballroom and The Parlor Room can host 300 and 150 guests, respectively.
Q. Does The Lake House Use Multiple Rooms For My Event?
A. Yes, at The Lake House we always use a separate ceremony, cocktail and dinner room.
Q. Can The Lake House Host Outdoor Ceremonies?
A. Yes, The Lake House is set on 19 acres and there is a private location, lakeside, for which a ceremony may be held.
Q. Do You Have Space For An Outdoor Cocktail Hour?
A. Yes, The Parlor Room has an adjacent all-season terrace ideal for outdoor cocktail hours and/or ceremonies.
Q. Does The Lake House Require Meal Counts Prior To My Event?
A. No, The Lake House offers entree selection after your guests are seated for dinner, tableside, the night of your event.
Q. When Is My Final Guest Count Guarantee Due?
A. Final guarantees are due 5 business days prior to your event.
Q. Can I Bring In My Own Caterer?
A. The Lake House will, at times, permit outside caterers to use our facility based on ethnic or religious beliefs. The Lake House has the right to approve or deny any caterer. All caterers must be licensed and insured.
Q. How Much Of A Deposit Does The Lake House Require To Secure A Date?
A. $2,000 initial deposit.
Q. Does The Lake House Have A Permanently Installed Sound System?
A. Yes, there is a state of the art column line array speaker system, which is tuned precisely for the room, and is available through the house entertainment company.
Q. Does The Lake House Allow Outside Vendors?
A. All vendors are welcome into The Lake House. However, each vendor must provide proof of insurance not less than $1,000,000.00.
Q. What Is The Cost For A Vendor Meal?
A. If a vendor is selected from our preferred vendor list meals are supplied complimentary. If an outside vendor is selected meals are offered at 50% of the selected menu price.
Q. How Many Parking Spaces Does The Lake House Have?
A. The Lake House has 121 parking spaces.
Q. Does The Lake House Offer Valet Parking?
A. Yes, valet parking is available via an outside vendor at an additional fee.
Q. Is There A Time My Party Must Be Completed By?
A. Yes, 2 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays and the remainder of the week 1 a.m.
Q. Does The Lake House Permit Staff Members To Accept Tips?
A. The Lake House is an environment free from the expectations your guests are required to tip for services provided.